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Mike Marko

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Mike Marko is a marvel in the myriad realms of Online Marketing. His background in business and engineering enables him to offer a diverse and high level of expertise.

I hired Mike two years ago to create an all-new avenue for my private practice, to re-brand an existing business, design websites, build a membership funnel, and to promote ad campaigns. I’ve been so pleased that I continue to enlist his various services.

He provided invaluable insights and co-collaboration which has helped me envision more possibilities than I originally imagined. Together, we then implemented successful strategies.

As an added bonus, his team is not only skilled, but consistantly courteous, and personally accessible.

Betty Lennox

Mike with IM Consultant Services was able to take the thousands of thoughts in my head and create a starting point for me and my business. Mike was prompt in responding to me reaching out to online marketing experts. He answered my questions, educated me, offered ideas, advice and expertise....leading me to the jump start I desperately needed for my business. Mike was patient, kind and showed a passion for truly helping individuals in his profession. I will continue to use his company to help build my brand and exposure.

Jitander Dudee

Fast results - we noticed an almost immediate jump in real website visitors and phone calls after switching from another company that had a similar budget. Mike is very responsive and gives us prompt, valuable feedback. Would recommend highly!

Bob Malhotra

Mike at IM Consultant Services has been incredible to work with. Very professional and the services are top notch. We've really enjoyed our time spent working with this company and are looking forward to more marketing ventures in the future.

Jacqueline Hutchison

I'm a newborn photographer in a large city in Ohio. When I first started my business 4 years ago I had no idea what SEO was or how it would help my business. As time passed I created a website, but didn't know what it took to be noticeable by google. With a little research my goal was to be on page 1 of google!

I was blogging and optimizing my website, but it wasn't enough. That's when I reached out to Mike for assistance. We've been working together for about a year on my SEO. When we first started I was ranking in the middle page 2. Within a few short months I was ranking on page 1 with Mike's help.

I discussed my goals with him and told him how eager I was to be not only listed on page 1 for the keywords I wanted to rank for in my area, but I wanted to be the first listing!

Mike has been great! With his help I'm consistently ranking in the #1 or #2 on google. This is huge for my business because all of my clients tell me they found me on google. My inquiries and bookings have doubled and I love seeing my goal achieved!

If you're even thinking about improving your SEO, I can't recommend Mike and his team enough. It's been an excellent improvement for my business!!

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