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Branding & Graphic Design

Send the Right Message to Your target Market

Your Brand is the foundation of your marketing.

Everything we create, from your website to your advertising, is a transmission of your brand. We enhance how you are perceived.

We have a rock solid process for renaming, rebranding and building your brand.

But that is not all we do…

We take your brand and help you make it the Coca Cola in your marketplace. IM Consultant Services has the strategies to help you become the dominant, go-to business in your target market.

It Starts With Understanding Your Audience

The first step in marketing is to thoroughly understand who you want to target to become customers. Knowing your prefered customer… really knowing them… is fundamental to creating a great brand that resonates with your audience.

We help you with the process of identifying your target audience. Then together we further detail your target audience and avatar until you have a firm grasp of your ideal customer.

Envision & Evaluate

Together, we then look at your present strategy and see where we can help, including:

  • Brand strategy/ business strategy alignment
  • Competitive framework and message mapping
  • Trends analysis
  • Social media sweep
  • Messaging
  • Positioning the brand strategy
  • Refining core messaging; adapted to key audiences
  • Strategic roadmap that prioritizes resources to ensure utilizing the highest impact activities

Graphic Design

We can help with all forms of graphic design including (but not limited to):

  • Logo Design
  • Website Design
  • Infographics
  • Social Media Content
  • Banners
  • Brochures
  • Ebooks

Video Marketing

Video is an extremely important aspect of digital marketing. Therefore we have specialists to help create and edit the video needed to help portray your brand and messaging.

We offer video editing, as well as creating of white board and animation video services.

FREE ‘Result In Advanced’ Consultation

Looking To Double, Triple, or Even Quadruple Your Business In The Next 12 Months?

We can help!

Many businesses such as yours have signed up for our FREE ‘Results In Advanced’ consultation. It’s available to qualified businesses owners & entrepreneurs just like yourself.

I dedicate 60 to 75 minutes solely towards your business. Together we collaboratively map out a marketing plan that’s:

  •  truly unique, completely customized to your core ‘why’;
  • centered around the vision you have for your business;
  • crafted around how you’d like it to positively impact the world;
  • focused on escalating your R.O.I.

Yes, this is a No-Strings-Attached FREE consult. In fact I’ll even email you a copy of the plan after our meeting as well as a recording of your call.

Then after our time together I’ll simply offer our help to you.

Should you decide that becoming a client is a no-brainer investment into your long-term success, we’ll move forward with determining which of our services would suit your needs the best.

(If, for whatever reason you feel we’re not a fit for each other – no hard feelings!)

Interested In Scheduling Your FREE ‘Results In Advanced’ Consultation?

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