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Email Marketing

Marketing Funnels that Take Customers Through a Journey

The power of email marketing has never been stronger. But it takes more than just average marketing to get results.

You need a digital marketing sales funnel.

And we can help you make that digital marketing sales funnel.. A sales funnel that gets results.

What Is A Marketing Funnel

I get the question quite often, “what is a marketing funnel”.  The generic answer is that a marketing funnel is a marketing system.

A more detailed answer is a process where you convert traffic into leads, then leads into customers, and then often the marketing funnel converts customers into repeat buyers.

Digital marketing sales funnel have been around much longer than web marketing.  But with the introduction of websites and email it has made marketing funnels easier to build.

How To Make A Marketing Funnel or Digital Marketing Sales Funnel

Let’s Get To The Basics

The purpose of a tradition funnel is to collect stuff and make it easier to go into a “container”.  For example, and oil funnel is used to make it easier to pour oil into your car engine.  The same goes with email or marketing funnels… they make it easier to “collect” traffic (website visitors) and have them filtered into your internet marketing machine.

The idea of marketing funnels is derived from the classic marketing concept: AIDA… or in other words Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action.  These 4 elements describe how you build customer relationships.

Example Of A Digital Marketing Sales Funnel

I want to share an example of a digital marketing sales funnel… in fact one right above this section.  See that banner, “Free Bootcamp Training Mini-Course”  Well that’s the beginning of one of my digital marketing sales funnels.  I’m offering something for free: a mini-course.  This free giveaway is to encourage people to give me their name and email in exchange for some valuable information.

If you click the banner it will take you to a capture page.  The capture page is designed to collect your email (and often some other contact information like your name).

After you give your email you’ll be taken to a thank you page.  This thank you page can also be a sales page as well.  In parallel… you’ll start receiving a series of emails as part of the follow up sequence.

So as you can see, there are several parts to a digital marketing sales funnel.  Now that you have a better understanding of marketing funnels, let’s talk about how to make a marketing funnel.

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How To Make A Marketing Funnel

Let’s take this step by step, starting with…

1. Identify Your Target Market

This is where you can make or break your entire digital marketing sales funnel. If you don’t know your niche and target audience really well then you could waste a lot of time and money.

Assuming you already have a product or service to sell, then you should take the time to describe your target audience.

Don’t rush this process… it literally will be a key factor in determining the success of your marketing funnel.

NOTE: Don’t focus on your present clients.  Instead focus on your target or desired clients.  This exercise is to help refine who you want to attract more of into your business.

2. Brainstorm The Pain Points

Now that you know your target audience, you need to take the time to brainstorm at least ten pain points that your target audience has.  Aim for twenty, but don’t allow yourself to do less than ten.

Pain points are things that actually both your target client and may even keep them up at night.  They are real concerns to the people you identified in step 1.

Don’t think about the solution to these pain points… Don’t write those down.  Focus exclusively on the pain points from the perspective of your potential client.

3. Pick The Top Three

Once you have your list, pick the top three pain points.

The guidelines for picking the top three are:

  • The most likely and biggest concerns for the target audience,
  • The concerns that you are best at solving,
  • The concerns that you want to solve in your business.

The best pain points have an element of all three guidelines.

We now know our target audience and what keeps them up at night.  We have just gotten started with how to make a marketing funnel

I have an overview of the steps after this point in How to Build a Marketing Funnel That Works On Autopilot.

4. Make The Lead Magnet

The next step is to design the lead magnet.  There is a lot to designing an effective lead magnet.  To help you check out this article, Lead Magnet Ideas | How To Create A Lead Magnet.

When picking content to create the lead magnet make sure you pick things that help partly solve the top three pain points you previously identified: the point is to make something that actually has an impact in the person’s life.  If you don’t help at all with your lead magnet, then the rest of your campaign will have little or no effect.

My team with IM Consultant Services will help our clients create the lead magnet… making sure it looks very professional.

5. Build The Capture Page

After designing the lead magnet, you are ready to create the capture page.  There is a lot to consider in building a capture page.  You can learn more by checking out the article, The Key Tips To How To Make A Lead Capture Page.

This is an important step that we help our clients create.  If you want to build your own capture pages, we recommend using Clickfunnels.

6. Create The Thank You Page And/Or Sales Page

After someone opts into your capture page, where do you want to send them next?

The typical digital marketing sales funnel sends them to either a Thank You Page or a Sales Page.  A Thank You Page is just that… a page that thanks the person for giving their personal information and tells them to check their email for a free gift link, or something like that.  A Sales Page is pretty self explanatory as well: it sells your first product or service to the visitor.

If you do a Thank You page, I recommend having a short video of yourself… thanking the person for their information.  These videos should only be 30-60 seconds long.  Here is an example of a short script:

Thank you for showing interest in xyz.
Hi, I’m ____________. I’m a  _______________ (insert 15-30 sec elevator speech).  Look to your email in the next few minutes for a link to the information you asked for.  Over the course of the days coming, I’ll be sending you some more free information about xyz.  Click the link below to

From here you may have a series of upsells or downsells, trying to get the visitor to buy products and services from you.

7. Create The Email Marketing Series

Since typically only 2% of people that may be interested in your product may buy on the first exposure.  It usually takes 7 to 10 exposures to get the sale… that means you have to employ email marketing as part of your follow up strategy.

There is a lot to email marketing.  That’s why we typically work hand-in-hand with writing emails for their marketing funnels.  If you are looking to write your own, I recommend checking out Effective Sales Follow Up Email Strategy.  If you are looking for an inexpensive way to get your funnel started today, then check out this article.

8. The Power Of Content

The most critical ingredient in virtually ever digital marketing sales funnel is CONTENT.  It would be remiss of me to talk about “how to make a marketing funnel” if I didn’t cover this topic.

If you want to attract people to your website in the first place… you need CONTENT.  Blogging is a great example of this.

If you want to turn more prospects into leads… you need CONTENT.  This includes not only the lead magnet, but also sending blog posts, videos, etc. to help build a stronger relationship with potential customers.

As part of the Indoctrination part of the email series, I recommend a short Goodwill email series.  This Goodwill email series will take the visitor to your best blog posts, videos, white papers, downloads, etc, that are relevant to your target marketing and the lead magnet that you offered.  The idea is you want the visitor to click your links, and identify what topics they are interested in learning.  Don’t skimp on this content… make sure it’s your best.  And the greatest content has video that has you talking in it giving invaluable and relevant content that your visitor would love to learn to help make their life better or easier.

When we work with clients we have them select at least three pieces of goodwill content to include into the digital marketing sales funnel.

How To Make A Marketing Funnel or Digital Marketing Sales Funnel

Learn how you can work with us to start building your own marketing sales funnel.

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