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Everyday Is Wisdom with guest Michael Davis

“Everyday Is Wisdom with guest Michael Davis” written and video by Bren Koger.

Do you ever feel like it’s impossible to stand out from the crowd to sell your product or service?

How would you like to be better at selling?

Even if you don’t consider yourself a sales type person, you too can that leave a lasting impact on others and compel them to connect with you.

Interview with Michael Davis

In this interview with Author of The Book On Story Telling and world class speaking coach Michael Davis

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He shares information on what he calls his ‘secret ingredients’ to building an instant rapport with your prospective buyers.

*Hint* it’s not a better PowerPoint presentation 🙂

It’s what the best salespeople, speakers and leaders know.

The Power of Storytelling

And it’s something Everyone can easily learn.

In this interview, Michael talks about why stories help us to connect with others.

How stories build trust and leads to an increase in sales.

He tells us why we are wired to be drawn to stories.

He gives examples of some of the most effective storytellers.

Stay through until the end where he gives a couple of his tips on the mechanics of good storytelling.

If you would like to connect with Michael or order his book you can go to his website.

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Everyday Is Wisdom with guest Michael Davis - Bren Koger

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Article: Everyday Is Wisdom with guest Michael Davis

Everyday Is Wisdom with guest Michael Davis

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