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How to Manifest Effortless Abundance – The Key To Happiness and Prosperity

Day 9: “How to Manifest Effortless Abundance – The Key To Happiness and Prosperity” written by Bren Koger.

How to Manifest Effortless Abundance

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The Key to Happiness and Prosperity

One of the most important keys to a life of happiness and prosperity is to practice appreciation and gratitude.

And it is a daily practice.

It’s like showering or brushing your teeth, It’s not like you can take a bunch of showers on one day and say you are good for a couple of weeks, you must keep coming back to it every day.

Why Appreciation?

Appreciation is along the same energy as love and gratitude and these are some of the highest energy vibrations a person can have.

emotional vibe scale big

When you are thinking thoughts and emitting these emotions you are vibrating at a frequency that opens all of your connections to source energy and your higher power.

The lower vibrations like fear, guilt and jealousy  are like sending out a static signal and the communication back and forth between you and spirit gets distorted and jammed.

Appreciation allows a smooth flow of energy and creativity. You are opening yourself up to new thoughts coming in. In this state you are happy, at peace and your most creative.

Appreciation is healthy! It emits good chemicals and hormones throughout your body which leads to better immune response  and a healthier body

Open Up With Appreciation

Appreciation allows you to be open to more good in your life. Law of attrition says “Like attracts like” and you will be a magnet for being in the right place at the right time meeting the right people. (The Acronym for The Law of Attraction is “T E A R’……Thoughts Emotionalized & Acted upon bring certain Results, whether you realize it or not…..positive or negative, depending upon what you are thinking about most of the time.)


Daily Appreciation Exercises

Try these simple exercises for a daily practice of appreciation

1) Have an appreciation texting buddy- Text 10 things you appreciate to your friend and have them text 10 things back.


2)Write down at least 10 things you are thankful for; then sit on the side of your bed at night for a few moments in order to meditate of these things! Your subconscious then rehearses and reinforces this information all night long!

3) Start an appreciation jar. It will help you focus on the good things that are happening all around you.

I appreciate you!


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How to Manifest Effortless Abundance - The Key To Happiness and Prosperity - Bren Koger

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Article: How to Manifest Effortless Abundance – The Key To Happiness and Prosperity

How to Manifest Effortless Abundance – The Key To Happiness and Prosperity

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