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How to Overcome Fear of Failure in Business

“How to Overcome Fear of Failure in Business” written by Bren Koger.

How to Overcome Fear in Business

There are plenty of fears and excuses that can hold us back from starting a business, but ultimately the choice is up to us to not let our fears define us.

Every fear we have is, by definition, an anxious feeling caused by an anticipation 
of some imagined event or experience.

This is why it’s fairly accurate to say that many of our fear reactions are actually the fears of fears, not the event itself. With more information and an awareness of the origin of our fears,they can lessen their control on us.

So what is the answer to the question, “how to overcome fear of failure in our business?”

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VIDEO: Overcoming Fear

In the video below Mike talks about his fear of heights and how he was able to overcome it and go para-sailing for the first time.

Five Basic Kinds of Fear

Physicist and author of the book “Social Intelligence” Karl Albrecht, Ph.D. says there are just five basic kinds of fears we all live by:

  1. Extinction— fear of death
  2. Mutilation— fear of injury to the body
  3. Loss of autonomy—fear of being controlled by circumstances restricted or confined
  4. Separation- fear of abandonment or  rejection
  5. Humiliation or loss of one’s sense of worthiness (ego-death) examples if this would be  fear of criticism, public speaking, shame, and fear of failure

When you are an entrepreneur with an online business you probably won’t have to worry too much about numer one and two fear of death or mutilation (or you’re in the wrong online business ) and you will definitely have less fear of being controlled by others (number three) since you will be your own boss.

But you will have to be willing to risk some pain and push yourself beyond your fear of rejection and humiliation.(number four and five)

To run a successful business you will need to put yourself out there.

The more value you provide by speaking to a larger audience through video or on stage the more you will be judged and criticized

The more authentic you are with your message, the more you will target a niche. This leaves room for many people who  won’t relate to your message. Unless you have a handle on these basic fundamental fears, it’s going to be a rough road.

How to Overcome Fear of Failure With Awareness

Dr. Albrecht suggests that an awareness of fear within us and a recognition that it is just basic information is one of the keys to overcoming fear. By seeing this emotion as a warning message, we can calmly articulate the origin of our fear and lessen its control on us.

The only way to push beyond your fear is to recognize it for what it is and then practice what we fear over and over until we get desensitized to the experience.

The comedienne, Will Ferrell, was painfully shy as a child, but manage to overcome it by intentionally inviting ridicule. He forced himself to do crazy things in public like pushing an overhead projector across campus with his pants just low enough to show his butt.

Or if you’re terrified of being rejected, do the exercise Timothy Ferriss recommends in his best selling book “The Four Hour Work Week.” ask 10 people of the opposite sex for their phone number.

By the tenth person you will no longer have that fear.

Mike sold vacuum cleaners door to door in college and contributes the skills he learned in handling rejection to his success today.

Your Challenge

There are approximately 79 day s left in 2014.  I’d like to challenge you to do three things that push your limits before the end of the year.

This might mean doing some research or training online or finding a mentor first, but then get out there challenge yourself beyond what you think you can do.

Parting Words About How to Overcome Fear of Failure

“If you aren’t pushing your limits you aren’t going far enough”- Paulo Coehlo.

Be aware of your feelings as you attempt a task that pushes your comfort zone. See it as useful information.

Desensitize yourself by practicing the thing you fear  the most. If it’s public speaking, start small with a room full of people. If its rejection, do one small thing such as striking up a conversation with a stranger. You might be surprised.

“Fear is the sign that you’re flirting with the former limits of your imagination; about to make a break through. Those limitations are not static and fixed; they are forever expanding. And our willingness to test them is what forges the frontiers of the universe.”- Audacious Lach


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Article:  How to Overcome Fear of Failure in Business

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