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The Light Switch Is On The Floor

“The Light Switch Is On The Floor” written by Bren Koger.

VIDEO: The Light Switch Is On The Floor

There is a scene from the movie, Star Trek, where the future Mr Spock goes back in time and meets the young crew of the enterprise.  When he meets the young version of engineer, Montgomery Scott.

The Light Switch Is On The Floor Star TrekSpock tells him the solution for fixing his transporter problem he’d been working on by giving him the finished version of the governing equation Scotty had completed in the future. The final detail Scott needed was to construct the equations from the perspective that outer space itself, not the ships, was moving. The basic equations were right, he just needed to change his perspective.


The Story: The Light Switch Is On the Floor

This reminds me of a story about a man who is in a pitch black room trying to find his way out. He is searching and searching over all the four walls for a light switch and when he gets tired he sits for a while and as he is sitting there he runs his hand across something on the floor.

It’s the light switch.

It’s been on the floor all the time.
The solution was there. He just needed a different perspective 🙂

Ask And It Is Given

In the book, Ask and It Is Given, by Abraham Hicks.

When you ask for something You ALWAYS receive a response from the Universe. It can be delivered in many ways. It might come as a thought, an idea or a memory that has been waiting just out of reach.

Tony Robbins has an affirmation.

Gods wealth is circulation in my life.

Gods wealth flows to me in avalanches of abundance.

All my needs desires and goals are being met instantaneously by infinite intelligence.

Because I am one with God and God is everything.

Difference In Perspective

If our needs and desire and goals are truly met instantaneously by infinite intelligence. Then maybe everything is already right in front of us. We just need to have a different perspective in order to see it.

Sometimes it’s not about answers but asking the right question to see things differently.

To have a different perspective, ask the right question.

If you’re struggling with a soloution to a problem or getting something you want, then I challenge you to ask the question:

How can I see this differently?

How can I find out that the light switch is on the floor?

Here’s to your success!

Bren <3


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Article:  The Light Switch Is On The Floor

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