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Should I Have Wood Flooring or Carpet in a Rental Property?

Should I Have Wood Flooring or Carpet in a Rental Property?

Recently we had some tenant turnover in one of our rental properties.  Unfortunately they left the place in a mess, and we had our work cut out for us as we cleaned up a ton of garbage, cleaned, painted the entire home, and did some odd repairs.

Although most of the carpet could be salvaged with a good cleaning, the living room carpet was left in horrible shape.  Since we discovered hardwood floors underneath the carpet we were left with a decision: replace the carpet with new carpet, or refinish the wood flooring underneath.

After pulling up the carpet, and checked that the wood flooring was in relatively good shape we decided to go with refinishing the wood flooring.

This video shows our decision making process.

What To Do After Deciding Should I Have Wood Flooring or Carpet in a Rental Property?

Although refinishing wood flooring can take several days to almost a week to do, it is not all that complicated.  It can be boiled down to several steps:

1) Remove the old carpet (if any)

2) Remove staples and nails sticking up (to prevent from damaging sandpaper)

3) Clean the floor of debris

4) Sand the floor starting with a very course sandpaper.  Make sure to sand the edges too.

Should I Have Wood Flooring in a Rental Property

5) Clean the floor of sawdust

6) Stain floors (if desired)

7) Apply 2-3 coats of poly.  Ensure plenty of time to dry between coats.


The following video goes into detail about refinishing the wood floors.

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Article: Should I Have Wood Flooring or Carpet in a Rental Property?

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