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How to Use Spin Distribute | What Is Spin Distribute Review

“How to Use Spin Distribute | What Is Spin Distribute Review” written by Mike Marko.

Are you looking for new ways to create different backlinks to content you want to rank in the search engines? 

Having articles backlink back to your target content is a great way of adding variety to your backlinking portfolio, and it is very easy to implement.

Read on to learn more about Spin Distribute in this Spin Distribute review.

Spin Distribute Review

The following video shows how I use Spin Distribute to add to my backlinking portfolio.

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Spin Distribute is an important part of our backlinking strategy. I like to set it up to backlink up to 30 days with one article, and then run it in the background. 

But first things first…

What is Spin Distribute?

Spin Distribute is a web-based tool that takes articles and distributes them to 800 highly relevant sources so that you can get more diverse, quality backlinks to content you are trying to rank.

It has services that include distribute the articles and a complete service where everything is put on autopilot: the articles are written and distributed for you.

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How Should I Create My Article to Be Distributed?

There are several ways you can create your article to be sent out to 800+ websites. They include:

• Writing the 600+ word article yourself

• Paying someone at Fiverr to write it for you (only $5 with the right gig)

• Using Spin Distribute’s done for your service

How Do I Create Unique Versions of My One Article?

This can be done by either using Spin Distributes done for you service, or using an article spinner. I prefer to use Spin Rewriter to spin the content. Check out this article if you want to learn more about Spin Distribute and how to spin content yourself.

Final Thoughts on Spin Distribute

I strongly recommend using an article distributor like Spin Distribute to help build up your portfolio of backlinks to the pages you want to rank. 

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I use this tool for a lot of my tougher to rank pages. 

Happy blogging!


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How to Use Spin Distribute | What Is Spin Distribute Review - Mike Marko

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Article: How to Use Spin Distribute | What Is Spin Distribute Review

How to Use Spin Distribute | What Is Spin Distribute Review

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