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Success from Failure – Journey to a Nobel Prize

“Success from Failure – Journey to a Nobel Prize” written by Bren Koger.

Most of us will never know what it’s like to win a Nobel Prize.

Success from Failure – Making Poor Career Choices

And for Dr Peter Doherty, who won in 1996 for his research in viruses-infected-cells, it never would have happened if he hadn’t made a poor career decision.

His Story:

As a kid he always felt like a failure.

He grew up in Australia where it was really hot. He had fair Irish skin so he didn’t fit in with the tan bronze surfers.

He wasn’t good at sports and was socially inept.

To make matters worse for a high school boy, he liked to read!

How many times do we hear stories of famous people feeling awkward growing up, only to have it be the very thing that made them famous as an adult. Whether it be the too tall and skinny future model/actress Cameron Diaz or the nerd outsider who ends up being a famous director like Steven Spielberg.

Success from Failure with His Chosen Career

For Dr. Doherty being an outsider helped him to look at things a bit more introspectively and unemotionally, which led to going into veterinary medicine at a young age.  He hated it!  He was better suited for literature or language.

But if he hadn’t taken this detour, he would not have had been set up for his next career path and would never have won the Nobel Prize.

There is Always A Purpose For Everything

After veterinary school Dr. Doherty went into research.

With this he found that as he was doing experiments on something… failing to find it,  but was able to discover something else.

This too happens very often.

Penicillin was found accidentally when mold grewon a petrie dish.

Viagra was invented because of research on a cardiovascular drug to lower blood pressure.

As with anything innovative, In doing experimental research a lot of what you do is failure.

If you’re trying something new, a lot of what you do doesn’t work out.

Anyone who is involved in research and innovation has to be resilient. You have to be able to work on unpredictable lines.

Final Take Away for Success from Failure

Dr Doherty feels that the Nobel Prize was not his greatest success.

“It is always the journey to the breakthrough that is the real success.”

No matter where you are in your life, or how far it seems you are away form your goal.

THERE IS Always a purpose for everything.

There is a divine plan working in your life. ALL things work for good.

Trust the process.

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Success from Failure - Journey to a Noble Prize - Bren Koger










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Article:  Success from Failure – Journey to a Noble Prize

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