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The Paradox of Choice

“The Paradox of Choice” written by Bren Koger.

Did you know that…

Amazon sells 1,161 kinds of toilet brushes?

There are 40 car brands in the United States?

Starbucks offers consumers up to 87,000 drink combinations?


You would think the more choice the better.  Right?

…More freedom to choose.   Sounds like the American way.

The Paradox of Choice: Why More Is Less

In the book, The Paradox of Choice: Why More Is Less by Barry Schwartz,  the author explains that: at a certain point, if given too many options we find it difficult to choose at all and might end up being less satisfied by the choices we make.

If you’ve ever gone to a grocery store, after a long day, to pick up salad dressing only to realize that there are 60 different kinds! then you know what it feels like to have what Barry Schwartz calls “decision fatigue.”

It turns out, instead of empowering us, too many choices can make us feel anxious, less happy, and just plain exhausted!

The Paradox of Choice: Limited Choice is Better

Many studies and experiments show that people are more likely to buy a grocery item when offered a limited number of say 6 choices rather than 60 . AND they are more satisfied with their selection when their original set of options had been limited.

But isn’t having more, rather than fewer choices more desirable and intrinsically motivating? The findings from these studies say, “No.”

With so many choices, not only do we find it difficult to choose at all

but our expectations go up.

And we’re not satisfied because we end up regretting our decision.


For greatest happiness and satisfaction choice within constraint is essential.


An Example of Limited Choice Being Better

One of the advantages with the IPAS2 system is that It helps to reduce the number of choices for starting an online business and thus reduces the anxiety and exhaustion of “decision fatigue.”

With less anxiety and frustration, you’re more likely to stay in your business long term.

With IPAS 2 A lot of the features are automated after being tried and tested by the top internet marketers.

Foe example, there are just four levels of profit maximizers to help increase the amount of money you can make.

There’s only one choice for the email autoresponder to send out content to interested customers.

You’re not left with dozens of decisions and choices when starting your online business. This allows you the freedom to provide valuable content to your audience.

Avoiding the Next Shiny Object Syndrome

It’s also a good reason to focus on one core product. Try to break the habit of going after the next shiny object.

You don’t want to  give your prospects too many choices and cause unnecessary anxiety and confusion.

So next time you’re choosing breakfast cereal from the 387 different kinds 🙂 be thankful that it doesn’t have to apply to you online business.


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Article:  The Paradox of Choice

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