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IPAS2 System Review – Why get the IPAS 2 System?

IPAS2 System Review – Why get the IPAS 2 System?” by Mike Marko.

The IPAS2 System is now in the final stages before the launch.  You can no longer become an IPAS 2 founding member… but you can go on the waiting list by clicking here. The official launching date is September 8, 2014.

If you are not a founding member, you can still capitalize on the launch by both getting on the waiting list, and by getting the viral blogging system so you can start getting things in place.

I know, I know… I can hear you saying, “why should I get the IPAS2 system, Mike?

Well I am glad you asked.

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What Is the IPAS 2 Marketing System?

The IPAS2 Marketing System was designed to help online entrepreneurs attract more leads and bring more money into their companies.

IPAS stands for Internet Prospect Acceleration System. It is an online marketing business model originally developed by Chris Campbell and Chris Jones in 2011.

This new version offers plenty of training features to help businesses find more leads than they ever thought was possible and to create new ways of bringing in income.

In addition to these features, the iPAS 2 System offers support groups and resources for training other members of the business’s team. While the original system was designed for Internet marketers who wanted to sell digital products, this new iPAS system was developed for all types of businesses looking to market themselves online. So now any business that is looking for new clients can utilize this lead generation program if used properly.

Traditional Marketing – What Most People Do

The illustration below shows how most business models work IF they include a tripwire (many don’t).

The traffic first goes to the capture page where statistically ~30% of the people may enter their email.  Of that ~30%, a LARGE percentage will be fake emails so this percentage is much lower than that.

The trip wire is then typically $7, $17, or $27 each.  This low cost product is mainly there to help fund your advertising costs to make sure you break even with advertising before they come to your offer.  With this model, about 5% of the people who entered their emails may purchase the trip wire.

These buyers then typically have a ~20% chance of purchasing the main offer, and then of those ~70% will purchase your profit maximizers (in this case the Empower Network products).

IPAS2 System - Get the IPAS 2 SystemThis “works”, but fortunately the IPAS2 team came up with a better way.

the IPAS2 Way – What the IPAS 2 System Brings to the Table

The IPAS 2 System changes all of this.

The traffic is immediately taken to the trial product where statistically ~10% of people will make the first purchase.  In the process they enter their emails and get added to your list in GetResponse.

Next approximately ~50% of the people that bought the $1 to $7 trial keep paying the $47/month for the system after the 1 month trial period.  Then roughly 50% of the people will get the profit maximizers (the Empower Network products).

The new IPAS2 System Review – IPAS 2 SystemSo you can see that the new IPAS2 system has been statistically shown to have MUCH better results than the traditional method.  Can you imagine if you got 12 times the number of people buying your mail offer compared to today?  What would that be worth to you?

Add in the option to have personal coaches help your new team members through the system and upsell them to buy your profit maximizers, and you can see how IPAS 2 will revolutionize the way people promote products online.

IPAS2 - IPAS 2 system is coming

Are You Positioned to Take Advantage of the IPAS2 System?

A lot of online marketers and business owners preparing for the IPAS2 product launch on September 8, 2014.  If you missed becoming a IPAs2 Founding Member, then you can still get on the waiting list.

Are you ready to join the team? Are you ready to get on board and take advantage of this revolutionary online marketing system? Click here to have us mentor you through the process of building your successful business.

Learn more about the IPAS 2 System by checking out this IPAS2 System Review.

See you on the other side!

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IPAS2 System Review – Why get the IPAS 2 System? - Mike Marko

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Article: IPAS2 System Review – Why get the IPAS 2 System?

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