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Why Use Twitter For Business?

“Why Use Twitter For Business?” written by Mike Marko.

Are you looking learn more about Twitter, and ultimately determine “why use Twitter for business?”

When we started marketing online, we didn’t pay Twitter too much attention. We were primarily focused on Facebook because that was what we knew.

Turned out that was a huge mistake.

Twitter is a great way to help build a business using the internet. It’s one of the best social media platforms if you’re trying to reach a national or worldwide audience. What makes it more attractive is that users on Twitter are more active than any other social media platform, but there are a lot more Twitter benefits.

But let’s get back to the real question: “why use Twitter for business?”

Without further adieu, let’s get started…

Question: Why Use Twitter For Business?

Before we dive into answering “why use Twitter for business”, let’s answer the most basic question:

What Is Twitter

Twitter is an online social media platform where users post and interact with messages called “tweets”. Each tweet is limited to 140 characters that would show on your profile and news-feed where others will view it as well.

Just like Instagram and Facebook, Twitter also has a profile and news feed features. What differs is that Twitter doesn’t have as many buttons to click. Unlike Facebook, Twitter is very plain… but plain in a good way.

It also has a follow feature where you can follow the people you like and keep track on what’s happening with them. In return, those who are following you will also get updates about you.

As statistics show that there are over a 100 million active users of Twitter daily. Not to mention the 500 million tweets sent each day. That alone as a business person will give you the chance to succeed in your business. Imagine this wide range of target audience and potential customers that you can reach by simply having a Twitter account.

But, there is a lot more reasons “why use twitter for business.”

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Top 10 Reasons On Why Use Twitter For Business

Are you wondering why you should use Twitter for your business?

In the tough competition between businesses, it’s not enough to do business traditionally anymore. Many companies have already seen the benefits of using social media to promote their business. If you want to stay on top of the game, then you should also consider using the social media as well.

Twitter is a great platform to use for advertising, connecting and branding your company to people. Let the people discover things about you and what your business can offer through Twitter.

1. Engage With Your Customers

The information you post about your products/services is basically the reason why you have this social media account. With Twitter it allows you to build a connection between you and your customers. Through Twitter and the appropriate use of hashtags and tweets, you will be able to know what they think about your business.

Twitter is a good channel to hear your customers sentiments about your company. You may be getting some negative comments or compliments but it all boils down to providing better services. Remember, communication is a two-way process. So you need to create a connection with your customers and Twitter can be a bridge for you..

2. Brand Your Business

Just like all other social media platforms, Twitter can help you promote your brand online. By tweeting posts with images or linked pages, customers will be able to learn more about your brand.

With twitter, you can present and develop the kind of image that attracts your potential customers, and define your brand. Twitter can help people notice and recognize your brand/ logo or company image.

3. Hear Your Customers’ Feedback

Twitter lets you deal with complaints or helping people find out more information about your product.

At the same time, this is also the best chance to interact with your customers. Their feedback will help you improve the quality of your products and services. In general, you can create customer service satisfaction that can also lead to having your business succeed even better.


4. Twitter Is A Great Marketing Tool

Twitter marketing allows you to reach your followers from around the world and alleviate the distance barrier. As stated above,Twitter composes of hundred million users daily which means it’s giving you the chance to share your business online at no cost.

Twitter has proven to be an excellent tool in the marketing world where revenue is the only thing people tend to see. This will serves as an additional weapon in your company’s marketing strategies.

5. Use Twitter To Spread The News

It is no doubt, Twitter is doing a great job in marketing. Moreover, it can also be used to communicate with your customers.

Remember, the main reason why followers follow you is to be updated in whatever is happening on your business. In line with this, you will need to tweet regularly, otherwise, you might lose your customers. Twitter allows you to share valuable information with your customers at times that matter most; weekend sales, promotional deals etc.

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6. Give Away Coupon Codes And Promotions

Promotional offers have always caught the attention of many customers. It is through giving out coupon codes and offering promotional deals that they get to save more. By doing such, you can announce it through Twitter and generate more sales in return.

Since this will show in your followers news-feed, they might join your promotion or contest and also retweet them. This means, your business will reach out to your customers followers and get more attention, eventually, more customers.

7. Make Your Business Go Viral

Through social media such as Twitter, it creates a perfect environment for a ripple effect to occur with the perfect piece of shareable content. This means if your posts are being retweeted or hashtagged on Twitter, you get a wider range of target audience.

It creates a domino effect that can result to a more successful business. Once your business go viral, you can use your popularity as a marketing strategy for your business.

8. Watch Out For Your Competition

Connecting with your customers is just one part of the equation. Twitter also allows you to listen to customer feedback and complaints they may share publicly with your competitors.

You can get advantage on this by offering a better product and service. Additionally, If you lack insight of your customers social behaviors, chances are your competitors may have done all the hard work and all you need to do is look for it.

9. Boost The Sales Of Your Business

Let’s say you have quite a number of followers already and are still gaining more each day. As a marketing strategy, more customers or a wider range of target audience, means more sales.

So knowing how to use Twitter effectively will help boost the sales of your business. According to Mashable, Dell is one of the companies that increased their sales by using Twitter. The increase in their sales reached up to $6.5 million.

10. Building Brand Loyalty Among Customers

One way of having a loyal customer is by sending them a personal message after following you. This will let them feel they are valued and in return increase the trust and appreciation they have for your business. To keep them, you must respond to their queries as fast as possible.

Make sure you that you always give them updates, and you are always there to help them regarding their needs.

Final Thoughts About ‘Why Use Twitter For Business?’

There you have it!  We’ve answered the question, “why use Twitter for business“. There are so many things you can get from Twitter. Almost all of the features can help you grow your business. Give these tips a try and let me know what you think.  And please feel free to tell me your own thoughts and advice in the comment section below.

If you want help in building up your Twitter account, feel free to contact me and we can talk about the different services we offer.

And always remember to think before you tweet!  🙂

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Why Use Twitter For Business - Mike Marko

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Article: Why Use Twitter For Business?

Why Use Twitter For Business?

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